Is ghostwriting legal?

Is ghostwriting legal? The question of whether to legally commission a ghostwriter to produce a scientific paper, sometimes causes uncertainty among the interested parties. We clarify why ghostwriting is a completely legal, serious service and by no means punishable.

The ghostwriting refers to a text request, which you can write according to your wishes and needs and whose result should correspond to a defined scientific standard (level of homework, bachelor thesis, master thesis, diploma thesis, dissertation, etc.).

Just as you are entitled to have static calculations made for your house, as a customer, you can also commission any text at any scientific level of need without being liable to prosecution. The ghostwriter receives their order and executes it.

For the use of their work, you get the rights to use this scientific text. The text is declared as a template and intended. This template is intended to assist you in the preparation of your own scientific work. In the terms and conditions of the Ghostwriting Agency you will find that you can not submit the work as a separate exam. What customers do on their own responsibility with the legally mandated manuscripts is not the responsibility or the supervision of the ghostwriter.

We can, will and will not control our customers. Since we delete the scientific work four days after the completion of the order, on request to immediately after confirmed receipt, we can / will / we will not control the compliance of our terms and conditions. We respect and value the privacy of our customers.

Ghostwriting – Our Privacy

After completing the ghostwriting project, we will delete all the text created here so that you have your own ghostwriting template. Further information can be found transparently in our privacy policy.

Moderate, sensible pricing policy in ghostwriting

Our customers have full cost control in ghostwriting. Our pricing policy is moderate. We calculate each project on the basis of the individual effort. For this we take into account the requirements of the topic, the university standards of the department and the research field. Our transparent, non-binding and free ghostwriting offers are of course individually compiled for you as a fixed price offer.

Ghostwriter for maximum requirements

Our ghostwriting team consists exclusively of highly qualified scientists who have many years of experience in their field. Not only do we make high demands on the scientific competence and qualifications of our ghostwriters, we also attach great importance to their interpersonal skills.

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