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Media Studies – Insight into the Department

Recurring the scientific examination of the media, the department has three main fields: media analysis, media history and media theory. The analysis focus is particularly on the mass media, in particular online and print, television and radio but also historical media formats. In doing so, media studies show a close interdisciplinary network, which can be reconstructed especially in the social sciences, communication sciences, literature, German studies, film and theater studies, and degree programs in the field of art and music.

Media Science & Ghostwriting

As a degree program, media studies are in high demand, so that the students in this subject area experience a pronounced competitive situation. In addition there are high content and time requirements, which are put to the students. Since the degree programs are far-reaching interdisciplinary, these requirements arise in a variety of subject areas, which must be covered to master the study. As a result, media science has created a high demand for ghostwriting, as many students request professional support from the ghostwriter to write the scientific papers in order to meet the media science claim profile.

Ghostwriter Media Studies

The team of authors of the Goellner Ghostwriting Team has a broad range of media studies in order to fully cover the diverse subject areas and research fields of this department.

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